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Tales from an English Sauna – Brexit, Amorousness & Gossip

The couple in their twenties whisper to each other and begin kissing. Some minutes of sighs and lip-smacking pass and the heat intensifies. No-one acknowledges the awkwardness.

Do as I say, don’t do as I do…

I’m chatting online to a friend, ‘Teresa’, who’s off to Glastonbury festival. She’s a good friend and I like her a lot. She’s also very attractive, wild, intelligent, sexy, ‘out there’ and prone… Continue reading

Older than God

Older Than God   Each week Like clockwork, The old boy Hits The old town Bars   Chatting up the beauties, Strutting his stuff – Teaching the young bucks A thing Or two.… Continue reading

Hammersmith Bridge Poems

I found out it’s National Poetry Day here in the UK today, so I thought I’d write some lines and share them with a few pictures I took last night (this morning) down… Continue reading

B – Homeless & Alone in London, Part 2

The week after first speaking with B, I meet up with her to see how she’s getting on. We chat and I say I’ve written an article about her and that people have… Continue reading

B – On being homeless and alone in London

I meet B whilst walking with a friend in London one night. We stop and I ask if I can take a few pictures. She agrees and we chat to her for quite… Continue reading

Two guys come running into a bar…

So we’re having a few late night, early morning drinks in Bangkok and these two guys come running into the bar and sit down next to us, start talking excitedly. “Faaaarkin’ell mate, that… Continue reading