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Pride in London 2014 – Gallery 4 of 4

The final shots from this year’s great London Pride parade!… Browse, comment, share and contact me if you’d like hi-res versions of any pictures.  Like these photos? Sign up to the website via… Continue reading

Pride in London 2014 – Gallery 3 of 4

More fabulous, happy, colourful people!… Here’s Gallery 3 of 4 of shots taken at the Pride in London 2014 parade!… Browse, comment, share and contact me if you’d like hi-res versions of any… Continue reading

Pride In London 2014 – Gallery 2 of 4

From the hilarious and brilliant London Gay Men’s Chorus to JFK being shot (too soon?…), and the most fabulous drag queens to Boris Johnson, from Thai ladyboys to doggy slaves, and 56 Dean Street hospital to… Continue reading

Pride in London 2014 – Gallery 1 of 4

It started off with torrential rain but the mood soon brightened as the streets filled with brilliant characters, dancing and music… and lots and lots of colour!… Here’s the 1st Gallery of 4… Continue reading

What Whispered Words – Photo Poem

  What Whispered Words   What whispered words, When said ‘twixt lovers Undercover of darkening skies, Are theirs alone And best not o’erheard – Precursors to The Sad Goodbye.   © Compo May… Continue reading

Just a regular Wednesday Southbank Parkour session…

I love London’s Southbank, there’s always something going on!… On a regular wednesday afternoon in April I saw a guy practicing some Parkour and got talking to him. I asked if he minded… Continue reading

Chloe & Luke

The midnight train purrs at the Junction, waiting to transport its cargo of late-shifters and bleary-eyed post-work-pinters on their disparate journeys southward, to suburbia and beyond. A man rushes onto the train and… Continue reading

Older than God

Older Than God   Each week Like clockwork, The old boy Hits The old town Bars   Chatting up the beauties, Strutting his stuff – Teaching the young bucks A thing Or two.… Continue reading

Hammersmith Bridge Poems

I found out it’s National Poetry Day here in the UK today, so I thought I’d write some lines and share them with a few pictures I took last night (this morning) down… Continue reading

Notting Hill Carnival 2013, Part 2 – Into the Night…

The sun slips drunkenly behind whitewash buildings slowly turning grey. Sound-systems fade down for another year and cobbled streets become makeshift beds for the weary, cots for sick – those too lost in… Continue reading