Le Carré Blanc

Le Carre Blanc #1 B&W

Le Carré Blanc

Painted oasis by the sea,

White feathered leaves waving

A-top Le Carré Blanc –

Open air mirage sur la Med.

Burnt timber decor,

White-washed cane dotted amongst

The beautiful and the rich.


Tight-topped waitresses and

Brown-legged waiters

Meeting your every need –

Espresso and wine,

Rosé by the bottle,

Designer water and plentiful mojitos,

All feeding France’s better-off.


Statuesque old lady

Sporting black swimsuit,

Magnificent in her day,


And grandiose faux breasts,

Waiting next to her daughter, perhaps,

Striking blonde beauty by le WC.


Deux matelas pour nous monsieur,

Wherever you choose,

Stone’s throw from softly-lapping surf,

Just behind three naked sunbathers –

Mahogany women of a certain age,

Taking in the sun

To a slow, jazz beat.


Les enfants play bat-and-ball,

Mothers stroll along the shore,

Young men dip their feet,

Turning to appreciate

Buxom young women,

Worth getting oneself in trouble for,



The sky, peppered by slowly

Moving clouds

Above a calm and shallow sea,

Is swept eastward

By hotly-blown wind.


And people watch,

People people-watch,

Some chat and drink and read and sleep,

And all relax à côté de la mer,

Mais personne nage –

No-one takes the plunge.

Le Carre Blanc #2 B&W

© Compo June 2014

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