The Half Of You That Is Your Other

I was deeply honoured to be asked by two great friends to write and read a poem at their wedding recently… This is what they inspired me to write…


The Half Of You That Is Your Other


A smiling lass

From Whitley Bay

To London town

Did make her way.

Not just success,

But love and fun

She hoped to find –

Indeed they’d come!  


For there she met

A cheeky chap

From Hampton Town –

Not South but North! –

Who’s charming ways

‘n’ rakish grin

He set upon

Her heart to win.


But our JD’s

A canny lass –

She knew that love

Should last and last.

And so she set

Her suitors glove

A love-enduring

Courtship task.


And so our hero,

Riccccccy B,

With gauntlet grasped


Did climb and climb

With steadfast grit

Up mountain high

To fair summit.

And ‘twas on

The ancient

Tyrolean slopes,

In St Anton,

Where came his hopes

To bear the fruit

Of the long climb,

With fairest kiss,

Now locked in time.



And after kiss

Came kisses more,

That sent them on

A love-struck tour –

To Darwin’s jewel

They journeyed on

To gay Paris,

Romantic Rome.


Then lovers’ bliss

Swept them ashore

To the White Isle,

Where love is pure.

And in Ibiza

Ric proposed

To make fair Julia

His betrothed.



That she was squiffy

Made the outcome

Far less iffy!

But, of course,

She did agree!

And this is wherefore

Thee and me

Are lucky folk,

Most verily!



Such a happy pair

Pledge of themselves

Unto the other

In front of those

Whom they most care,

Is truly a most

Happy day

For us here now

As much as they.


And we would ask you

With much glee,

To love each other


To give your time


And work hard at

The things the other

Need most when

Storm clouds hover.


To be their light,

Guiding companion,

Yet follow them

With sweet abandon.

And be their shield,

Their friend and lover.

For after all

There is no other


Who can ignite

The flame inside

When holding tight

The half of you

That is your tide,

Your moon, your stars

Your favourite view,

The one to always

Hold onto.


These things we wish

Dear friends, for you,

And all the joys

You will discover

In a loving cloak

Hand-stitched together

By the half of you

That is your other.





Rick & Julia wedding #1


© Compo 

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