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Former Vineyard Store For Sale – Calvisson, France

A beautiful bargain property with a history, for sale in the heart of idyllic Southern France. Take a look and share! 🙂

Do as I say, don’t do as I do…

I’m chatting online to a friend, ‘Teresa’, who’s off to Glastonbury festival. She’s a good friend and I like her a lot. She’s also very attractive, wild, intelligent, sexy, ‘out there’ and prone… Continue reading

Le Carré Blanc – Photo Poem

Le Carré Blanc Painted oasis by the sea, White feathered leaves waving A-top Le Carré Blanc – Open air mirage sur la Med. Burnt timber decor, White-washed cane dotted amongst The beautiful and… Continue reading

Two guys come running into a bar…

So we’re having a few late night, early morning drinks in Bangkok and these two guys come running into the bar and sit down next to us, start talking excitedly. “Faaaarkin’ell mate, that… Continue reading